workshop on the legal, ethical and social issues regarding therapeutic and educational robotics

Workshop Proposal, Almere, The Netherlands (22-23 Oct 2015)

A Legal and Ethical Approach towards Assistive Robots: Risks and Solutions

Assistive technology helps out to reduce healthcare system inefficiencies. These devices are likely to be introduced in many healthcare facilities very soon because they are low-cost oriented, work steadily 24/7, reduce the workload of caregivers, and some of them can be incorporated in the therapy of patients. Nonetheless, appropriate and specific legal regulations regarding assistive robots are missing. Furthermore, several multi-faceted problems need to be carefully considered: from technical issues, e.g. cloud robotics, security, autonomy; to legal problems, e.g. privacy, new entities, regulation of replacement of organs by robotic devices; to ethical issues, e.g. acceptance, the creation of super-humans, etc. Despite the recent advances, monodisciplinary researches failed in coping with robots’ pluridisciplinarity. There is still a long way ahead and further interdisciplinary research is needed to overcome such problems.

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