workshop on the legal, ethical and social issues regarding therapeutic and educational robotics

Workshop Proposal, Almere, The Netherlands (22-23 Oct 2015)


Here you can find the presentations that took place during the workshop.


Survey investigating ethical issues concerning Robot Enhanced Therapy for children with autism. Authors: Mark Coeckelberg et al.

1 bram_ethics New Friends

Which Perspectives of Using Exoskeletons in Activities for Daily Living? Author: Mohamed Bouri

2 ExosForADL_NewFriends2015_MBouri

Intelligent Assistive Technologies for Dementia: Social, Legal and Ethical Implications. Authors: Marcello Ienca et al.

3 Marcello_New Friends_Short Presentation

An HRI study with elderly participants? Where’s the problem? Author: Jorge Gallego-Perez

4 New Friends 2015_JGP

Principles Involved in Care Robotics Legal Compliance. Author: Eduard Fosch Villaronga

5 Newfriends_Workshop_EFoschVillaronga_2015

What do care robots reveal about technology? Author: Rieks op den Akker

6 Riekks_What do care robots reveal about technology

Accommodating Students with Disabilities Using Social Robots and Telepresence Platforms: Some Legal and Regulatory Dimensions. Author: Aaron Saiger

7 Saiger – 2015 10 23 Almere Netherlands – Presentation

Designing Therapeutic Robots for Privacy Preserving Systems, Ethical Research Practices, and Algorithmic Transparency. Authors: Elaine Sedenberg et al.

8 Sedenberg_NewFriends_final

Robots and seniors: can they be friends? Authors: Sofia Reppou et al.

9 Soffia_Elderly and robots_RAPP project_Almere

Toy Robot vs Medical Device. Authors: Jordi Albo-Canals et al.

10 Workshop NF2015 JAlbo

‘I tech care’: The responsibility to provide healthcare using robots. Author: Antonio Carnevale and Alberto Pirni

11 Presentation Carnevale_Pirni_Almere_New Friends 2015